Vinegar Can Help Keep Your RV Clean

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand a dirty RV. It’s easy to let things go, especially when you have had it in

storage or in your driveway all winter. But now that the temperatures are warming up and we’re seeing more and more RVs on the road, it’s time to get your RV back into working order and ready to hit the road. Not only do I like a clean RV, I also like saving money. When you buy a bottle of vinegar, you’re saving money on expensive cleaners and solutions by creating your own. Here are a few things that you can use vinegar for.

All-Purpose Cleaner

You know those food stains, crumbs and dried liquid puddles? It’s time to get those up and get the smells out. Vinegar kills bacteria, germs and viruses, so you can get rid of the sticky Coca-Cola that you spilled and not worry about the gross germs that have been sitting there, waiting for someone to touch it. By putting straight vinegar into a spray bottle, you can use just as you would any household cleaner, cleaning those countertops, drawers, and just about any surface you can find. As with any cleaner, you want to test it on those surfaces first to make sure it does not damage the finish.

Drain Cleaner

The drains on our RVs can get gross and nasty quickly. The best way to relieve that is to pour half of a box of baking soda down the drain and then follow it with vinegar, allowing it to foam up. After it’s settled, pour more vinegar in the drain and repeat until all of the baking soda is gone.

Cleaning Carpets

You remember that mud you tracked in from the lake? Well, it’s still there and it needs to come up. By using a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, spray it on carpet stains and rinse it clean. Not only will it remove stains, but theres also no soapy residue to deal with.


Refrigerators are a haven for spills and food that’s been left to rot. We’ve all had that moment of realization when we opened our unit to find out that we need to give it a good deep clean. By mixing one teaspoon of vinegar with 16 ounces of water and spraying down the inside of your refrigerator, you’ll get rid of the stains, food grime and the smells that make you nauseous.

Stainless Steel

After a few years, stainless steel appliances can lose their luster and accumulate fingerprints and lots of other spills. By using the same solution above (one teaspoon vinegar, 16 ounces water, in a spray bottle), you can clean those stainless appliances and surface areas back to new.


it’s the elephant in the room (or RV!), and no one enjoy cleaning the toilet. But with this one simple fix, you can eliminate a ton of work and forget about buying those expensive cleaners made for toilets. By pouring a half a cup of water in the toilet and letting it sit for a couple of hours, then swishing around the bowl, you’ll get rid of those hard to clean spots and stains.

There you have it! I just saved you some money! By buying a gallon of vinegar, you just cleaned your RV’s interior up from spots, stains and grime without having to fork over extra cash for the dyes, fragrances and chemicals that are in the stores.

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